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NoodleRunner is a dystopic ramen stall simulator where electricity is at a premium and there's only one plug socket! Cook for your dreary customers some approximately delicious ramen but remind them there's a one topping limit! Keep an eye on your electricity meter as the rates go up and make sure you keep serving customers lest you're put out of business. 

Don't forget to plug in your equipment!


- A and D keys to pan left and right.
- Click and hold to drag plugs, release over the socket to plug them in. Drag and release *away* from the slot to unplug
- Click once to pick up other items, then again to place or interact.
- Customers will appear with orders above their heads. If they ask for two toppings tap the "Only 1 Topping" sign to remind them. 
- Recipe: 1. Place the bowls on the dark areas in front to begin assembly. 2. Take the ramen on the left and put them in the cooker. When they're brown they're ready - put them in the bowl. 3. Heat up the broth, then use the ladle to pour it into the bowls. 4. Add a topping to the bowl - it's done!
- Click customers to hand them their noodles. When they're done, remove their bowl. 
- Take the credit card and run it through the card machine by the socket, then return it to them. 
- Repeat!

Watch the video for a quick demo of the general gameplay!

We ran out of time for a proper tutorial, so here's a full breakdown:
- To use plugs, click and drag them, then release over the power socket to plug them in. To unplug, click and drag it out of the socket before releasing. 
- To use everything else, click to pick it up, then click again to place / interact.
- Get your ramen from the bag on the far left, then place it on the cooker (left of the broth vat) - you can place 2 at a time. The noodles will subtly change colour to a darker yellow when they're done.
- Use the ladel to scoop up the broth, but it's got to be hot first! A bar will show you how hot the vat is, when it's at around 70%, it's good to serve. (Note: clicking with the ladel is still done with the paw as the pointer, not the spoon-end of the ladel)
- Bowls start on a lower shelf but should be placed on the two darker areas in front to start assembling the order. When you've added all the ingredients, click the bowl, then click the customer who ordered it.
- For a bowl to be assembled, it needs cooked noodles, hot broth, and one topping. Toppings are on the far left. Once you add toppings, you can't take them off again - you'll have to throw the bowl in the broth to start again - taking the noodles with it - so make sure you don't add toppings before you get orders!
- When a customer has finished their meal, take the bowl from them and place it back on one of the darker areas. They'll get their credit card out to pay.
- To cash the card, plug in the card machine (left hand side of the service window, above the socket), then click the card, click the card machine (your balance will go up), then return the card to the customer by clicking them again. 
- If a customer tries to order two toppings, click the "Only one topping!" sign to remind them.
- Repeat this for as long as you can!

Remember - you're only getting charged when things are plugged in, so you don't need to race as much as you think you do - just be diligent about leaving things plugged in for longer than they need to be!

Thanks for checking out NoodleRunner, if you enjoyed it, please leave a rating!


Callum Tweedie-Walker - Technical

Alec Thomas - Art

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file, and double click the .exe!


NoodleRunner.zip 28 MB


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Wow  i love the art!